Black Rabbit

“…the parson of the village had a fancy for [Hildebrand’s] wife,
and had wished for a long while to spend a whole day happily with her.”
     - “Old Hildebrand” by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

Old Hildebrand, laurel wilds itself
waiting for your burlap,
its springy green oliving on the hill.
In the morning a sick child,
a sick husband, a sick wife,
or whoever else it may be
will lack restoration, and people
will lose faith in the words.

In the morning, Old Hildebrand,
you'll be a laughing stock.
In the morning your wife will repent
and will flapjack only for you.

But tonight the parson eats pancakes
and fiddles a fiddling tune.
His hotcakes steam on your table
and all of your chickens are dead.

Oh, Hildebrand, rise up now.
Rise up from your basket and sing.

"Black Rabbit" first appeared in The Red Clay Review